Hello world!

Hi! If you’re a reader of my other blog, Skating Randomosity, welcome to Salchows and Swarovskis! If you’re new, I’m so glad you’ve decided to take a look at my blog! Here at Salchows and Swarovskis, it’s all about skating-partially why I decided to get a new blog, as about half my Skating Randomosity posts were not skating-related. On this one, you’ll get all the skating content you love (or have never seen in your life ;-)) from Skating Randomosity, with a side order of skating, topped with skating sauce. All about that skating, am I right? 🙂 I might also post some of my original skating-related writing, which will hopefully be read & I hope to get critiques and feedback on.

Happy reading!

-Shark Whisperer