Off-Season Slump (and its soon-to-be-cure)

Every skating fan hates the off-season.

Amid scattered program announcements and the occasional summer competitions that are too small to get broadcasted, even over the internet, too small even to have programs put on YouTube, is a lot of boredom and waiting and anxiety concerning your favorite skaters’ results next year. Will so-and-so get that triple axel she’s been Instagramming? Will what’s-his-face work out the kinks with his inconsistency? Will our favorite pairs actually stay together long enough to not fall on their faces?

Luckily, most of us have jobs/summer assignments/social lives. Except me.

School’s out. Orchestra’s out. Summer camp? Not happening. An ankle injury left me off the ice for 4 months (!!). So…I basically had no life. Enter the dreaded Senior B!

The second a competition date-be it a Senior B, Junior Grand Prix, or even a big senior GP-was announced, it was neatly scrawled in my planner. I was determined not to miss a single event (no matter where I had to look to find a live stream, or even the results, which are surprisingly hard to find), and I would go to any length to make sure it happened. I was obsessed.

Probably too obsessed. Now I get to skate. Yay! I have a life again! But still…


The only problem? All the ones good skaters are in are impossible to find. A Google search for the results of Skate Detroit turns up nothing more than a venue announcement or last year’s official website. Searching for a calendar of smaller summer events is a virtually fruitless task. I am forever stuck in the void of “wait for the US International Classic,” handily viewable on IceNetwork (by the way, anyone know when I have to renew my subscription?), or even the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships (not streamed, but there’s always an article about it). It’s killing me.

I need my skating fix, and watching the Free Dance at 2012 Skate America (my go-to event for every occasion) for the 18th time  ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

I am reaching with desperate #GrabbyHands to the days of World Team Trophy, when skating was at my fingertips.

My IceNetwork addiction has brought me to an all-time patience low.


Please excuse my pointless rants. I am a very impatient individual. LOL.

Anyone know how to find live streams of senior b’s? I’m even willing to *Gasp* PAY MONEY to get these competitions…sad, I know, but this is what I’ve been brought to. 😦