Highlights/Low Points: NHK Trophy

Heeeeeeey people!

I hope I will be able to crank out this post in a semi-timely fashion after it took me four days to finish my Rostelecom post, LOL. So I’m going back to my dear friend the highs/lows recap, which I seem to be able to write with some degree of punctuality. #SayNoToProcrastination


It is of historical importance :p to note that all three standing records for men’s scores were broken at this event. The standing ones were set by Yuzuru Hanyu (SP-101) and Patrick Chan (FS and total-195? and 295). The new records were set by SP record holder Yuzuru Hanyu-106 for his SP, 216 for his FS and 322(!!!) overall. This was the first time a skater of any discipline broke 200 in the FS and 300 overall.

1. Highlight: Suprise GP Finalists! (Hubbell/Donohue-Short Dance)

At the beginning of the season (crazy to think we’re almost halfway through!), I thought Hubbell/Donohue were toast. All I’d seen of them was a very underwhelming, moth-wing-clad free dance at the US Classic, so I naturally didn’t think they’d be able to hold up to the ridiculously deep US dance field. But come Trophee Bompard, I was in for a shock: they actually managed to win a Grand Prix (ignoring the fact that they only skated a short dance and the field was pitifully shallow after Papadakis/Cizeron’s withdrawl). I couldn’t believe it-but then I watched their short dance.

It. Was. Breathtaking. And it still is. Another stellar performance of it at NHK secured them a spot in the Final (huge shocker!) and helped Team USA pull off something no country has ever done: qualifying three ice dance teams to the Final.

Hallelujah, indeed. 🙂

2. Low Point: This was no Skate Canada (Ashley Wagner-Free Skate)


There were no falls, and she still made the Final, but that was about the only redeeming quality of this performance. (That and the dress, which, by the way, is fabulous.) Her scoring protocol sheet was a minefield of carrots (AKA underrotation signs, AKA these things <) and edge calls. She also lost a lot of points in her spins and steps, only getting a level 4 on one (out of five). One element, a choreographic step sequence, only got a level 1. That, and the URs/Downgrades, proved her undoing, and she finished 4th-a disappointing showing after her personal-best performance at Skate Canada. Her gold medal from that event was able to save her spot in the Final, but she will need to step it up if she wants to medal there.

3. Highlight: An American in Pairs And Also the Final (Scimeca/Knierim SP and FS) 



American pairs are back on the map.

(Also, I’ve been waiting for a chance to use that pun for several months, so I hope you found it witty. 🙂 )

A U.S. Pair team hadn’t qualified for the GPF in eight years…until Friday. Scimeca/Knierim rose to the challenge, qualifying in 5th place with a silver (Skate America) and a bronze (NHK). This was not their best outing by any means (although their consistent scores in the high 60’s this season, which continued here, are very encouraging to see), but it was enough to hold on to the podium. And neither of them fell on an SBS jump, which was awesome (though several had wonky landings, hands down, etc.). I’m very excited to see what they’ll be able to pull off at the Final!

4. Low Point: UUUUURGGHHHHHHH. (Maxim Kovtun FS) 


I actually enjoy this program, so no, the ridiculous facial expressions and overacting are not the focus of this rant. (I find they amuse me greatly. *Sips tea formally*)

The focus of this rant is the multiple pops, stepouts, etc. in this program. Three pops, a Zayak violation (he did three 2As), and a whole lot of -3 GOEs is just plain unacceptable for a technically-proficient, top-level skater. Ironically, the program was the highlight: apparently over-the-top, goofy interpretations of classical music are Maxim’s forte (pun not intended) and he sold the heck out of this program. But it couldn’t make up for the technical errors, and he ended this competition in an embarrassing 10th place.

5. Highlight: Yup, she’s back! (Satoko Miyahara-Free Skate)

In an interesting plot twist, a diminutive teenager with no triple-triple (at least, in the FS) beat out a three-time world champ, the reigning GPF bronze medalist, and a bunch more solid contenders to win her first Grand Prix. Key to her success (besides all of her actual competition completely bombing, but I choose to pretend that never happened) was that she fully rotated almost all of her jumps, which she usually struggles with; of course, that was very exciting to see. Combined with maxed-out spin levels and excellent “PCS qualities” (interpretation, presentation, skating skills, etc.), this skate was more than enough to win and was the first time  she broke 130 in international competition. After a rather disappointing outing at Skate America, this was exactly what she needed to set herself up well going into the Final (her first ever). Well done!

6. Low Point: The (Literal) Fall of Mao Asada (Mao Asada SP) 

After her great performance at Cup of China, I though Mao would easily be the top skater this year.

Not so.

I’d actually prefer to pretend this never happened, but it did, and *sigh* I’m not so sure if she’s actually going to be that competitive if she keeps skating like this 😦

7. Highlight: WORLD RECORD Y’ALL! 

If you haven’t already, watch these programs now.


Good. Think about it. Reflect on it. Contemplate the meaning of life or whatever. Just commit this to memory, because it may never be topped-and certainly not for a very, very long time.

8. Low Point: The Pogo Slide™ (Anna Pogorilaya-Short Program) 

Anna Pogorilaya was once a consistent, robotic teenage jumping bean. But those days have gone by.

Anna’s artistry has improved, but in return, she’s become a class-five headcase mostly known for her terrifying wipeout falls (henceforth to be known as the Pogo Slide™-if you don’t get it, watch the video). And this was no exception.

She fought back valiantly in the FS, but it couldn’t undo the damage done by this 11th-place short program. I seriously hope she can fix whatever is going on with her before Russian nationals, because it is going to be a bloodbath for those three spots and if she skates like this, she could become this year’s Yulia.

9. Highlight: How exactly did this happen? (Courtney Hicks-Free Skate) 

If you’d told me before the Grand Prix started that three different American ladies would medal at GPs this year, I would’ve guessed the obvious Gracie, Ashley and Polina, or perhaps Karen Chen. But Courtney? …Never in a million years. So I was equally shocked and excited when I found out she’d won the silver! It only adds to the accomplishment that she did it in such a stacked field-if she can beat Ashley and Mao, I have no doubt she could get the third spot for Worlds if she skated clean at Nationals. Courtney’s (and Mirai Nagasu’s) great results here threw a wrench into my Nationals prediction; either could beat Polina if they skated like they did here, and there’s also Karen, Tyler Pierce, Mariah Bell and Angela Wang, who’ve done well on the Challenger Series/GP. Who knows?

The hunt for the Nationals bronze just got way more interesting.

1. Highlight: If they don’t win Nationals I’ll flip (Shibutanis FD) 

I love this program more and more every time I watch it, and the scores are going up with each outing. This FD scored them a personal best score of 106.35(!), which would have had them just a few hundredths of a point out of third at Worlds (in the FD). It’s not inconceivable to think they could be on the podium in Boston, and certainly possible they could win Nationals. Both they and H/D have scored higher in the free dance this season than Chock/Bates, who were, until now, the undisputed top Americans. They’re both in serious contention for the National title, which would’ve been unheard of only a year ago. And I am really, really excited to see how it all plays out.

On to the GPF!


Rostelecom Cup: Best & Worsts

Rostelecom Cup just ended, and wow, it was a whirlwind competition. The ladies field was one of the best I’ve seen, the dance equally competitive, and the pairs excellent as well. Naturally, I want to cover everything, so I’ve condensed all my post formats into one: a best/worst recap that includes everything from costumes to quads and everything else in between. So…enjoy!


Best Breakout Performance: Natalia Zabijako/Alexander Enbert, Russia


Coming into Rostelecom, I had no idea who this team was. This is their first season together and only their second competition, but I’d heard good things about them online. And they skated pretty well here! Although they kind of bored me, they were very impressive technically for such a new pair. It will be interesting to see, a bit later in the year, where they stand in the hierarchy of Russian pairs.

NOTE: I would’ve put a video of them here, but WordPress wouldn’t let me-that’s why there are no videos in this post.

Best Short Program (singles): Alaine Chartrand, Canada 


I have said many times that I love Alaine’s short program, set to selections from the Pina soundtrack. But this was on a whole new level of awesome.

It was, without a doubt, the best short program Alaine has ever skated, giving her a new personal best score of 67 and placing her 2nd in the SP. For one thing, she didn’t underrotate any jumps, which she almost always does-not even her triple lutz-triple toe combination. It was a triumphant comeback after her last-place finish at Skate America. Although she did not hold on to a podium place (finishing 5th), this was one of the many programs from this event I will be rewatching sometime in the future.

Best Short Dance: Ksenia Monko/Kirill Khaliavin, Russia


This is actually a bit of an unexpected one for me: I wanted to put a best short dance in this post, but I hadn’t actually seen the short dance, so I had to go through the videos on YouTube. Theirs (to the soundtrack of Howl’s Moving Castle) was the only SD I hadn’t seen, so I watched it in the hopes that I would like it enough to put it here. Sure enough, I did! I love the playful feel of the program and that they genuinely seem to love skating it. It’s a shame that they had to withdraw, because I like their FD a lot. (And on the topic of withdrawals, NHK must be cursed because skaters are dropping like flies out of that one!)

Best Free Skate (Singles): Adelina Sotnikova, Russia


Okay, just to clear this up: if anyone skates to Je Suis Malade, I’m automatically going to love it. That was Adelina’s music. I loved it.

Adelina’s artistry has improved greatly since she appeared on the Russian version of Dancing with the Stars, and it really showed here. No, JSM is not exactly a beacon of refined artistry (at all…), but the ridiculously awesome over-the-topness of this song fits Adelina perfectly. I really, really loved it, even with the mistakes (and weird dress), and I hope she makes worlds so I can see it again. And again. And agaiiiin!!!!!! Hehehehe!

Best Free Dance: Anna Capellini/Luca Lanotte, Italy


I really love everything about this free dance: the music, the choreography, the costumes, the sass and spunk that’s really made this pair stand out to me this season-it’s pretty much all there. A lot of people (including me) kind of wrote them off as one-hit wonders after their dismal GP showing last year (in the wake of a world title), but they’re back with a vengeance this year. They’ve got great programs and solid elements and I will be very excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds for them!

Best Pairs Free Skate: Tarah Kayne/Daniel O’Shea, USA



You can read my thoughts on this program in my US International Classic post, so I will indulge my laziness and not type them up again. 🙂

I just want to put it out there that I was RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY that they did so well here and I also wish I could’ve found a better picture of this, LOL.

Best Costumes

1.Evgenia Medvedeva-Short Program



I saw this dress in action :p at Skate America and thought it was gorgeous…and I still do. The burgundy color is very flattering on Evgenia, and the bling (crystals, mostly) is absolutely exquisite. It’s a gorgeous but age-appropriate choice; other teenage skaters should take a hint from this! (Also, a MILLION times better than her last SP dress.)


2. Alaine Chartrand, Short Program 



First off, #NinjaAlaine needs to be a thing that exists. (If you did not think “ninja” when you saw that bottom picture, we cannot be friends. :p JK, I’m probably the only one who thought that.)

Secondly, I loved this dress almost as much as the program itself. Turquoise is my favorite color, so of course I loved that, but I also liked the unusual halter-y neckline and the rows of crystals. I never would’ve thought “sleeveless turquoise halter dress” when I heard her music, but it fits perfectly! It was very effective with the program.

3. Adelina Sotnikova-Short Program




Okay, I only included that first picture because Fierce Adelina is the best species of Adelina. 🙂

Anyway, I thought this was a really great costuming choice for Adelina. The color looks great on her, and the fringe skirt is a fun touch (it looked fantastic during spins). It was very samba-y without being tacky, which I appreciated. It probably could’ve done without extra fringe in some places (there were certainly some…questionable placements of fringe), but the good far outweighed the bad. This was a big step up from a lot of her previous costumes.

Also, shoutout to whoever did her hair. It looked amazing. 🙂

4. Yuka Nagai-Free Skate 




The OMBRE!! *Drama hands*

This is one of the best-done ombre dresses I’ve seen. The colors were gorgeous! Also, there was what looked like a violin in crystals on the back (or a viola *slow clap for violists of the world*), which I thought was awesome. Overall, a very well-designed dress.

6. Riona Kato-Free Skate



Worst Costumes:

1. Polina Edmunds-Free Skate


I hate to criticize her costumes after she got so much flack for her (not that bad) Peter Pan dress last year, but this dress is…ick. The tattered sleeves and skirt are more “the cat got its hands on grandma’s fancy drapes” than Gone With the Wind. And something about the neck is just not right. Also, pale skaters should not wear any shade of white. EVER.

2. Adian Pitkeev-Free Skate

No. No. Just no! 

“The Mission” is one of my favorite pieces of music, and I loved Adian’s interpretation-but this costume needs to die. It looks like a Casual-Friday-At-Work suit with a weird collar and a chest cutout.



3. Mikhail Kolyada-Short Program 

*Hides in closet*
*Ruptures tear ducts*

I actually did want to cry upon seeing this. MIKHAIL, YOU NEED TO FIRE WHOEVER PUT YOU IN THIS. NOW.



Soooo…that’s my recap! Thanks for reading! 🙂 



Introducing the FS Fashion Series + The best and worst costumes at Cup of China

Every figure skating fan watches the sport for different reasons: some love the technical side and the athleticism, some enjoy the drama that often accompanies skating, some like to follow the fascinating personalities involved in the sport, and some enjoy skating during the Olympics but really don’t care about it the other three years of every quad. But nearly every group of fans agrees on one thing: costumes are a big part of the appeal of skating. While gorgeous, drool-worthy costumes can enhance one’s enjoyment of a performance, it can be even more fun when an unexplainably strange outfit appears in a major event. Costumes are one of the main things that set figure skating apart from other sports, and I think that’s why they are of so much interest.

So, as they’re certainly one of my favorite skating things, I decided to start a series focusing on the best and worst costumes at major events-beginning with Cup of China. (This will cover ladies and dance, as that is all I watched of CoC.)


BEST: Hawayek/Baker-Short Dance

United State's Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker compete in the Pair's Ice Dance Short Dance program during the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating held at the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, China, Friday, Nov. 6, 2015. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Perhaps a bit much on the skirt (that much tulle is a bit overwhelming), but I loved the concept of these costumes. They’re fairly traditional ballet costumes (as they should be in a Nutcracker program)-I happen to like that. That shade of pink looks gorgeous on Kaitlin, and I liked the ombre bodice and gold details.

BEST: Chock/Bates-Short Dance


Because Chock/Bates’ short dance was not a story/narrative program with characters to portray, they could’ve done pretty much anything with their costuming and, provided it wasn’t atrocious or tacky, it probably would’ve made sense. I really liked what they decided to go with. Yes, they probably could’ve shown up at prom in these, but I liked the colors, they moved very well on the ice, and there was just enough bling. 🙂 Interesting to note that Madison designs their costumes herself-I think these were a job very well done.

BEST: Chock/Bates again-Free Dance 


Another excellent costume for this team-Madisom & Evan really hit the costuming mark this season! Evan’s costume is rather meh (at least it’s not encrusted in swarovskis…), but Madison’s is fabulous. I am a complete sucker for ombre, and I also loved the one-shoulder neckline. This was actually the second FD dress she’s had this season and I definitely like it better than the last one. I really hope they don’t change their costumes again because these ones are great!

THE ACTUAL BEST :P: Cappellini/Lanotte-Free Dance 



I unfortunately couldn’t find a picture that fully showed these costumes (that’s why I used two-to show different angles), but take my word for it: they were some of the best ice dance costumes I have EVER seen! I absolutely loved Anna’s dress, and I usually hate black dresses because they’re usually boring-but this one wasn’t. The crystal-work was sublimely done and added a lot of interest, as did the “belt”, sweetheart neckline, and flared skirt. Luca’s understated costume was a fine complement to Anna’s: it wasn’t the stereotypical “I only wear black” men’s costume, but basic enough not to distract from Anna’s dress, which deserved the complete and undivided attention of the audience. :p I cannot wait to see these again…*heart eyes*!

WORST: Wang/Liu-Short dance


Again, there were no good pictures of these costumes, and this is a screenshot of the YouTube video of their SD, taken on my iPhone-but even that should show the glaringly bright orangey pink color. ‘Cause a waltz year ain’t a waltz year until somebody shows up in neon. 😉 (Also, that side cutout needs to go.)

WORST: Ilinykh/Zhiganshin-Free dance 


Give me one good reason you should ever have a face on the back of your shirt.


BEST: Mao Asada-Free Skate



Mao is, in my mind, consistently one of the best-costumed skaters, and this dress was no exception. Lavender is a great color on her (and she’s had at least three lavender dresses I can think of), and I really like purple, so of course I was going to like this dress. 🙂 I really like that it’s made out of mesh-it gives it a much airier feel than other materials would, and it moves well (especially the bell sleeves, which are gorgeous). The butterfly appliques were a nice touch as well. The ombre effect on the sleeves and skirt were yet another cherry on top-there was really nothing I didn’t love about this dress

BEST: Hannah Miller-Short Program

It may have just been that I loved this program, but I thought Hannah’s Indian-inspired purple dress was just perfect for it. The gold details were a fun touch.

BEST: Zijun Li-Short Program

Zijun is another skater who always has beautiful costumes. I thought this one was particularly nice. The sparkle-factor was through the roof and I liked it! 🙂

Also-surprise! I found a gif! #WhyAreThereNoGoodPicturesOfAnythignFromThisEvent

BEST: Elena Radionova-Short Program


Peach is one of my favorite colors. Elena is one of my favorite skaters. She happens to look amazing in peach. Of course I liked this dress. 🙂 The longer skirt really worked (it usually doesn’t) and the flowiness of the dress gave it a lovely, ethereal quality.

THE BEST: Rika Hongo-Free Skate

I will forever love the skater who made a Riverdance dress that is Riverdancy without being tacky, and Rika has done just that! A great dress to back up a great competition! I love the triangle thingies on the skirt and the flower appliques at the top of the bodice.

WORST: Courtney Hicks-Free Skate

Courtney, I love you, but this is hideous. Mustard yellow is nobody’s friend.

WORST: Nicole Rajicova-Short Program

This dress has one too many cutouts.

WORST: Zheng Lu-Free Skate


Something about the cut of this dress was just not flattering.

Thanks for reading! If you liked this post, I’d love to hear from you! 

Recap: Skate Canada Highlights + Low Points

Hey people!

The second Grand Prix event (where has the time gone? *dramatic gestures*), Skate Canada, finished a few hours ago, and I’m going to do the highlights format I’ve used twice before. Let’s get started!

10. Highlight: Gabrielle Daleman finally lives up to her potential 

If you watched the video of Gabby’s short program before reading the explanation of why I chose this as a highlight, you may (rightly) be scratching your head. This short program would’ve been a low point if used by itself, but that’s what the free skate is for…right?

This is why I chose Gabby as a highlight.

She has always been a skater who had great potential but never lived up to it. The elements were there, but there was always something stopping her from doing them as well as she could, whether it was illness, nerves, or anything else. After a disastrous showing at the 2015 world championships, nobody was quite sure if she would ever be a real contender. Many wrote her off, and her short program only reinforced that. But this, one of her finest showings ever, was the complete opposite. She placed an impressive 3rd in the free skate and 5th overall-nothing to sneeze at for the 21st skater in the world.

9. Low Point: Kaetlyn Osmond makes a dramatic reentrance

Kaetlyn Osmond was the leading Canadian lady for several years until an injury forced her to miss the 2014-15 season. Her enormous jumps had placed her in the top 10 at worlds a few times, so many fans expected her to be a factor when she returned. When Kaetlyn recorded new personal best scores at the Nebelhorn Trophy in September, it seemed like they were right. And her short program at Skate Canada, while bad (she took a freaky, very painful-looking faceplant on a flying camel and another spill on her double axel), was scored high enough to leave her a chance of medaling. Many were anticipating a medal for her.


I…don’t even want to talk about this. But this showing does not seem like a sign of good things to come.

8. Highlight: Timothy Dolensky’s Free Skate

This was my highlight of the men’s event. Just gorgeous. I hope he can continue to skate like this.

7. Low Point: Yuzuru Hanyu’s short program

Yuzuru Hanyu, as an Olympic and world champion, was the heavy favorite to win this event (despite his awful track record with Grand Prix events), and he almost did. But this short program did not start him off well.

I thought he had it in the bag after the gorgeous triple axel at the beginning of the program. But then my wi-fi spazzed out and IceNetwork refused to play the rest of his program…and when it came back on, he was in the kiss and cry getting scores that would land him in 7th place. I didn’t know how that happened, and I wondered how he could possibly get scores that low.

A quick consultation with the internet told me everything. Read: he doubled his quad toe and the triple toe on the back end of his 3-3. The doubled quad didn’t count because it was illegal. The doubled 3-3 didn’t count because it was a repeated jump (even the 3Lutz on the front end was invalidated). It was a mess, and I wasn’t sure if he could medal even if he skated perfectly. (I had nothing to worry about, but of course, I didn’t know that then.)

This was a prime example of losing the competition in the short program.

6. Highlight: New personal bests & a GP win for Ashley Wagner 

Didn’t see that coming.

If you told me before the event that Ashley would beat the reigning world champion at a Grand Prix event, I probably would’ve called you insane. But it happened, and this was hands-down her best short program ever. No underrotations! No edge calls! No lost spin levels! Even though I am not a huge fan of the program, I was super happy that she did so well (and luckily for her, Liza Tuktamysheva splatted, knocking out the only other skater who could’ve even come close to that score). She recorded a new personal best SP score of 70-point-something.

Ashley’s free skate was not quite as good as her SP, but it was still excellent and enough for both another personal best and the win. (131 is a great score-especially with two underrotated jumps and an edge warning on her lutz.) She kept the same program she had last year, which is equal parts smart (she knows it already) and questionable (she had some of her most memorable performances ever with it last season, so she has a lot to live up to), but it proved to be a good strategic choice here. This was a very good season opener and I hope she can build on this momentum.

Also, her new dress is gorgeous, so good job on that.

5. Low point: 50,000 music cuts of death 

No, it’s not this one. This program, while dismal in its own right-which was more the execution than the actual material-is just for reference in case you hadn’t seen it (as it’s most of the reason she placed so low).

Yes, this is what I was talking about.

If anyone could tell me what “Summertime”, “Jailhouse Rock”, and “Sing, Sing, Sing” have to do with each other, I would be very grateful as I have NO idea. This program falls squarely into the “What were they thinking?” category and that is an excellent question. That might have been slightly more forgivable if she had skated it well, but…she didn’t. Sigh.

I honestly think Alena is done for at this point.

4. Highlight: The rise of M-T/M 2.0 

After a rather poor GP showing last year, I was very surprised and happy that Kirsten Moore-Towers & Michael Marinaro managed to win the bronze here! Considering the field here, I didn’t expect them to pull that off-but they did, and in rather convincing fashion. I was impressed!

I was not a huge fan of this program as the repetitive music drove me nuts, but I love Kirsten’s sass and that can save virtually any performance.

This, I thought, was a much better program, no matter how overused the music-I think it’s a good change of pace from their typical bold, sassy programs. It was executed very well, and they’re vastly improved as a team from any of their outings last year. At this point, I would definitely have them as the third Canadian pair at worlds.

3. Low point: Marchei/Hotarek withdraw

Apparently, they had to withdraw due to a concussion sustained by Ondrej in practice. According to the glorious wasteland that is the internet, it happened when Valentina elbowed him in the face on a twist. If that’s true, girl’s got reeeeally strong elbows…

That aside, it was really disappointing that they withdrew-I like this team, and they had a shot at a medal (even if their music  was Moonlight Sonata with lyrics that were clearly not in the original, which was NOT okay. NOT OKAY! :p)

2. Highlight: Yuka Nagai’s triumphant deubt

Prior to this event, I had no idea who Yuka was. But when she skated on, I thought, “whoa, did this girl steal Mao’s Madame Butterfly dress?” and then she ACTUALLY SKATED TO MADAME BUTTERFLY and then I had to pay attention because this was a mini-Mao and I wondered if she was any good. She was! I was super impressed with her short program.

I didn’t actually watch Yuka’s FS, but she came in third, so it was probably good. Even if it wasn’t, major congratulations on a bronze in your first Grand Prix event! I expect good things from her this season.


The Shibs are my favorite dance team. I love them a lot. I will always love them a lot. But I must admit that I was very worried about them after a terrible outing at the Ondrej Nepela Trophy a few weeks ago. I wanted them to skate their best here but I wasn’t sure if it would happen.

But it did! And this happened, and it was epic! And amazing! And everything a short dance should be! And I cannot stop using exclamation marks!




Eh-hem. Sorry. I will attempt to act dignified now.

This was awesome, ‘kay? They finally have a free dance that totally fits them, is capable of scoring very well, and can contend with any of the top teams. I could not be more thrilled with this performance and I kinda thought they were robbed, but I can’t exactly do anything about that. It looks like they should make the Grand Prix Final if they medal at their next event, so that’s good too.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Comments? :p I’d love to hear from you!