FS Fashion Series: European Championships-Ladies & Ice dance

So, the last event at Euros (free dance) just ended, and even though I didn’t actually get to see most of it (I could only catch bits of the SD, ladies and men’s free skates, and FD), I saw most of the major contenders, so I feel qualified to write it up, LOL. But I wanted to do a costumes one instead, so that’s what I’m going to do.






Elena Radionova, Russia-FS (“Titanic” soundtrack) 

Elena apparently outgrew the dress she previously wore for this program, so she changed it entirely and I like the result! I haven’t seen Titanic, so I don’t know if this is based off the movie, but it seems somewhat accurate for that time period, so I figure it is. I like the lace overlay and the cool draped sleeves; the neckline in particular is very well-designed. Also, she actually did something directional with her hair! It’s hard to tell in these pictures, but there was a metal swirly thing in her bun. It made the whole look feel more complete. Overall, this was a costuming win for Elena; it’s a mature yet age-appropriate dress that fits the program and looks great.


Evgenia Medvedeva, Russia-FS (“W.E.” soundtrack)

Since I’ve gushed over Evgenia’s SP dress one too many times, I figured it was time to move on and talk about her FS costume. This is also a great dress; the crystal-work (is that a word?) is very impactful, and the lace is cleverly used to subtly give the dress texture. I don’t even mind the gloves, since they’re not flesh-toned. They’re bedazzled to look like part of the costume, which, IMO, is what you should do if you must wear golves. There’s no point in trying to hide them-it’s painfully obvious when somebody wears the flesh-tone ones-so why not sparklify (yes, I just made up a word :p) them? I also, oddly enough, really liked the three-quarter sleeves. You really don’t see that often. This is not quite as spectacular as her SP dress (I loooove those beaded mesh sweetheart necklines!), but still a pretty and well-designed costume.


Angelina Kuchvalska, Latvia-FS (“Tango de Roxanne” and Romeo & Juliet)

Angelina’s FS has got to be one of the oddest combinations of music I’ve ever seen, but I can look past that because she TOTALLY KILLED IT and probably should’ve gotten the bronze, but what’s done is done, so I will try not to go crazy with the WUZROBBED! accusations.

Anyway, this was a well-done black dress in that it fulfilled the #1 rule of black skating dresses: it wasn’t boring! The beading/crystals/whatever it was added a lot of interest and distracted from the fact that this dress was possibly a little too sheer. And here is another instance of gloves done right: because they’re the same color as the dress and it has long sleeves, they just look like an extension of the dress. That is the only other way you can wear gloves without it being distracting. This was a very well-designed dress and though it would’ve been better if it wasn’t quite so sheer, it was a good look for a program that had to be difficult to design a costume for.


Viveca Lindfors, Finland-FS (“Evita”)


This costume had absolutely nothing to do with the music, but I had to throw it in because it is PURPLE and SPARKLY and it has OMBRE TIERS on the skirt…!


Nathalie Weinzerl (sorry if misspelled), Germany-FS (Meditation from Thais)

Even though the skirt was weird, the neckline of this dress was to die for and I liked the lotus-esque decal thingy on the bodice. It just would’ve been better with a different type of skirt.


Anna Pogorilaya, Russia-FS (“Scheherazade”) 

First of all, she is bleeding in this picture and that is essentially what happened in this program. She fell on her face twice, it looked painful, and she still got the bronze because she did her two highest-scoring elements (3Lz-3T and 3Lo-1Lo-3S) well.

Second of all, who told this girl that pink illusion mesh was a good idea? This was almost a really good costume, but then they had to go and ruin it with pink illusion?!? Why?!? I like the color and the beading is really cool, but I can’t get past the pink illusion. Urgh.


Anna Pogorilaya, Russia-SP (“Bolero for Strings”) 

This dress was basically strips of red fabric held together by illusion (which didn’t match her skin, but at least it wasn’t pink). ‘Nuff said.



Mae-Berenice Miete, France-FS (“Tristan and Iseult”) 

It’s purple, and the chevron beading is extremely cool.


Laurine Lecavelier, France-FS (Latin medley)


This coming from someone who LOVES bright orange costumes…

Ice Dance 


Victoria Sinitsina/Nikita Katsalapov, Russia-SD (Swan Lake) 

Despite the fact that Nikita has orange illusion mesh in the neck of his shirt, I like these costumes a lot. His is interesting and non-black, and hers is very ballet-ish and the skirt looks like a cloud. Very, very swan-lakey without a single feather! #LifetimeAchievement


Anna Cappellini/Luca Lanotte, Italy-SD (“The Merry Widow”) 

This is a costume change from the ones they wore at the GPF, and a very good one. Hers looks like a 1950’s wedding dress, and it is oddly fantastic; his is, again, non-boring. They are now, without a doubt, the best-dressed dance team in Europe…and I will probably never be able to mention them again without going on and on about their costumes, LOL. (I’ve already written about their awesome FD outfits, so I will leave that out because it’s repetitive and I’m lazy.)



Alexandra Stepanova/Ivan Bukin, Russia-SD (1920’s-ish medley?)

Call me crazy, but these were probably my favorite costumes of the dance event (even though I kinda hate his vest). Hers is BRIGHT ORANGE and RIDICULOUSLY BLINGY and IT LOOKS LIKE SHE SPILLED SUNNY-D (that gross fake orange juice drink) ON IT AND THEN DYED THE ENTIRE THING THAT COLOR AND I CAN’T STOP USING CAPS LOCK!

I love orange costumes. I also love bling. How could I not?


Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron, France-SD (“Charms”) 

These costumes were beautiful and I might actually be starting to like this team, which I feel kinda bad about because I have called them “highly overrated” multiple times. I guess I just didn’t like their programs, so the hype drove me nuts. But anyway, I like their SD a lot, and their costumes are on point. Her skirt is magically floaty and I love the draping on the bodice. His looks like something one would wear in The Nutcracker, but at least it’s not boring.

Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron, France-FD (“To Build a Home”) 

This, on the other hand, looks like the cover of a dystopian novel about ice dancing.

Actually, somebody please write that book. I would totally read that.

Penny Coomes/Nicholas Buckland, Great Britain-FD (“Hurricanes and Butterflies”) 

If I was trying to design a dress that looked like a butterfly, this is probably what would happen. Therefore, I like it. šŸ™‚

Charlene Guinard/Marco Fabbri, Italy-SD (Italian opera medley)

Charlene’s costume is fine, but Marco’s looks like something you would wear to sell kettle corn at a circus.

Alisa Agofonova/Alper Ucar, Turkey-SD 

This program is exponentially more enjoyable if you pretend it’s about a flight attendant (who has been attacked by a badger, thus the tattered skirt-obviously :p) and a 19th-century farmer.


Thanks for reading!



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