4CC Randomness: The Recap


4CC just ended.

And oh, boy, it was a roller coaster.

Positives: #SuperbShibSlayage, Mirai finally rotated her stuff, Rika did well, American pairs didn’t suck (they did last year…), Sui/Han NAILED IT despite Wenjing’s head and ankle injuries (plus influenza), Shoma Uno had a pretty good SP, Patrick Chan became the third man to break 200 in the FS, and Grant Hochstein surprised everyone by leading the American men after the short.

Negatives: Gracie bombed the SP *sobs* and had a mediocre FS (is she cursed to bomb at 4CC forever?!?), Karen Chen bombed both programs, WeaPo were really lackluster, Seguin/Bilodeau and Polina Edmunds withdrew, Alaine Chartrand bombed the free skate AGAIN, Ross Miner and Kevin Reynolds (neither of whom I am particularly invested in, but whatever) both completely imploded, Shoma Uno had a bad FS and dropped off the podium *Cries*,and Max Aaron also imploded. (Besides S/B’s withdrawal, there luckily weren’t any in pairs.)

And on top of that, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir just announced their long-speculated comeback, which threw me on the emotional roller coaster all over again. So I’m going to use this post to A) vent and B) have some fun.


What was good: 


Wherein the Shibs finally win a Short Dance!

She landed all her things!

I love So-Youn’s skating, but the execution of such usually breaks my heart. I like to think of this as her official declaration of “NOT ANYMORE, SUCKERS!” (She also had an awesome FS!)

I love, love, love Rika’s “Riverdance” FS, and she skated fairly well here, so of course it was going on the list.

Level 4 quad twist! Landed SBS jumps! 140!!!! What a way to come back from two bad competitions!

Other than the fall, this was great. Grant has fantastic interpretation.

One of the best 3As in the business.

Patrick has joined the 200 club.

What wasn’t good: 

Excuse me while I find a nice closet to go sob in.

This was missing something-I can’t exactly put my finger on what, but you could just tell something wasn’t there.


I just do not like this FD.

It was just not this leprechauny child’s day. (Okay, he’s technically not a child, but he’s mini, so I can.)

And a bunch of other stuff. But I just realized I’d rather write a different post pertaining to a recent piece of skating news, so today you’re getting the cliffnotes and another post that I promise will be better.


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