Grand Prix Assignment Speculation, Pt. 2: Ice Dance

The GP ladies speculation post was originally going to be a stand-alone, but I enjoyed writing it so much that it’s back. (This one’s for ice dance.) To see how it works, read this:


  1. Medal seed: Shibutani/Shibutani, USA
  2. “Potato” (4-6) seed: Hubbell/Donohue, USA
  3. Ilinykh/Zhiganshin, RUS
  4. Tobias/Tkachenko, ISR
  5. Paul/Islam, CAN
  6. Gilles/Poirier, CAN
  7. Fournier-Beaudry/Sorensen, DEN
  8. Host pick: McNamara/Carpenter, USA

MY REASONING: the US has two medal seeds in dance and could go with either of them, but I think the Shibs will get this spot because they were the higher-placed team and won Nationals. Since the US also has a “Potato” seed (Hubbell/Donohue), I see no reason they wouldn’t send them. If McNamara/Carpenter move up, they’re practically guaranteed the host pick spot. And the rest are kind of just random guesses or people I really want to see.


  1. Medal seed: Papadakis/Cizeron, FRA
  2. Potato seed: Weaver/Poje, CAN
  3. Virtue/Moir, CAN
  4. Stepanova/Bukin, RUS
  5. Sinitsina/Katsalapov, RUS
  6. Coomes/Buckland, GBR
  7. Hawayek/Baker, USA
  8. Host pick: Edwards/Pang, CAN

MY REASONING: since Canada doesn’t have a medal seed, there was no obvious team to fill this slot. I went with Papadakis/Cizeron for no particular reason. Weaver/Poje are practically guaranteed the potato seed spot, and if Virtue/Moir do any Grand Prix events, this will probably be it. Most of the others were picked to fill top-12-at-Worlds/SB-mandated spots. If Edwards/Pang are back to competition by October, there is a reasonable chance they’ll get the host spot (that is, if the rumors about Paradis/Ouellette’s split are true).


  1. Medal seed: Chock/Bates, USA
  2. Potato seed: Cappellini/Lanotte, ITA
  3. Guinard/Fabbri, ITA
  4. Sinitsina/Katsalapov, RUS
  5. Agafonova/Ucar, TUR
  6. Gilles/Poirier, CAN
  7. Bobrova/Soloviev, RUS
  8. Host pick: Wang/Liu, CHN

MY REASONING: since China has virtually no dance teams, all I gave them for their own teams was a host pick. to avoid back-to-back assignments, both Chock/Bates and Cappellini/Lanotte had to get this assignment (like last year). The rest were random fill-ins from the SB list.


  1. Medal seed: Shibutani/Shibutani, USA
  2. Potato seed: Weaver/Poje, CAN
  3. Ilinykh/Zhiganshin, RUS
  4. Stepanova/Bukin, RUS
  5. Tobias/Tkachenko, ISR
  6. Coomes/Buckland, GBR
  7. McNamara/Carpenter, USA
  8. Host pick: Loboda/Drozd, RUS

MY REASONING: again, to avoid back-to-back spots, the Shibs had to get Rostelecom. It was between Weaver/Poje and Hubbell/Donohue for the potato seed and I went with Weaver/Poje. Russia gets Stepanova/Bukin, who needed two spots due to Worlds placements, and Ilinykh/Zhiganshin, plus Loboda/Drozd for their host pick because they aged out of juniors (I think) and are probably getting spots as JW medalists.


  1. Medal seed: Papadakis/Cizeron, FRA
  2. Potato seed: Hubbell/Donohue, USA
  3.  Lauriault/Le Gac, FRA
  4. Sinitsina/Katsalapov, RUS
  5. Guinard/Fabbri, ITA
  6. Cannuscio/McManus, USA
  7. Muramoto/Reed, JPN
  8. Host pick: Alessandrini/Souquet, FRA

MY REASONING: Medal seed: um…duh. Potato seed: felt like it. Lauriault/Le Gac aged out of juniors and are 97% guaranteed a spot at TEB, Alessandrini/Souquet are the only other French team I know of, and the rest needed their guaranteed spots somewhere.


  1. Medal seed: Chock/Bates, USA
  2. Potato seed: Cappellini/Lanotte, ITA
  3. Muramoto/Reed, JPN
  4. Loboda/Drozd, RUS
  5. Bobrova/Soloviev, RUS
  6. Kim/Minov, KOR
  7. Cannuscio/McManus, USA
  8. Host pick: Emi Hirai/Marien De La Asuncion, JPN


Seeds: only ones left.

Host-country teams: self explanatory.

The rest: needed spots.


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