2016 Olympics WAG Quals live blog: Subdivision 3

Slightly late, because I was doing something else, but it’s back! 

Elissa Downie, GBR, BB: front tuck connected to wolf jump, standing Arabian, switch split to switch split half, double turn (balance check), BHS-LOSO, split connected to side aerial, 2.5 twist dismount. It’s got to be hard to concentrate with the crowd going berserk behind you (Brazil’s on floor…). 

Dipa Karmakar, IND, UB: Tkachev, pirouettes, Pak salto, lots of Giants. Hey, I can commentate UB now! Sort of…

Rebeca Andrade, BRA, FX: tuck full-in, 2.5 to front full, split to switch split, double Memmel turn to stag jump, why is there instrumental Beyoncé in this routine, double back, split, double pike. Crowd went nuts for that routine! 14.033

Rebecca Downie, GBR, BB: fall on front tuck, side aerial connected to layout, split switch to split switch half, split switch to half turn to front aerial to another splits, side somi, split switch, double pike dismount. Other than the fall, that was actually great.  13.300

Watching this is making me want tacos, for some reason. This is not the British team’s day but, like in the men’s, Brazil is killing it! I WILL NOT BUY GOLD PEAK TEA NO MATTER HOW MANY ADS YOU PLAY SO WILL YOU JUST NOT SHOW THEM?!?

Tabea Alt: 14.333? I think it was a DTY. Actually, I didn’t see it, but the D-score was 5.8 and I think that’s the value of a DTY. 

My wifi died, and I missed a bunch of routines…le sigh. It’s back, but slow.

Oh, no, Ellie Downie appears to be injured…ugh, why did my wifi have to die? What happened? 

Claudia Fragapane, GBR, FX: double layout full-in, Arabian double pike, ring leap, switch split double turn, I accidentally deleted something, triple twist, switch split, double turn, double layout. WOW. Frags is a crazy-good tumbler. 14.333

Looks like Elissa is out of the vault lineup. I repeat: what. Happened. To. Her?!?!? 

Ana Sofia Gomez, GU, BB: BHS-tuck full, switch split to switch split half, full turn, side aerial to split jump, side somi, front aerial to wolf jump, straddle jump, double pike dismount (chest down). 13.400

The commentators are throwing major shade at the crowd for doing the wave during someone’s beam. 

The stream is being weird. Again. I’m missing so much stuff. 

Ruby Harrold, GBR, VT: nice DTY. 

Pauline Schaefer, GER, BB: switch ring jump, BHS-LOSO, split jump to wolf jump, full turn, front aerial to side somi, double turn, side somi half (trippy!), some leaps, layout gainer dismount. 14.400

Emma Larsson, SWE, FX: switch split full to stag, double layout, tuck full-in, double back, switch split half, double pike, triple Memmel turn. Nice! I’d never heard of her. I like her leotard. 13.500

Brazil’s qualification total: 174.054. 


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