2016 Olympics WAG Quals-Live Blog

Hey, readers! I’m going to live-blog gymnastics, because I can. Apologies if I can’t do bars.

Martina Rizzello, ITA, VT: DTY. Slight hop on the landing, some leg separation. I like the Italian team’s leos-shiny black with a silver “v-neck” shape.

Kylie Dickson, Belarus, Bars: I have no idea what anything is called, but she did a nice Tkachev. Double full dismount, if I saw that correctly.

Ailen Valente, Argentina, Bars: not sure what she’s doing but her toes weren’t pointed in the Tkachev. Majorly Cowboys double front dismount. 13.033. 

Aliya Mustafina, Russia, Beam: wrote this up but it self-destructed. She fell off on a handstand. 13.033.

Daria Spiridonova, Russia, Beam: BHS stepout-LOSO, switch leap connected to ring leap (eew @ leg position), Onodi, front aerial connected to split and wolf, side aerial, Memmel turn (is that correct for a single?), Onodi, switch leap, double back dismount. She stayed on! 14.266

Ana Perez, Spain, Floor: whip-whip-BHS-BHS-full in, two leaps I missed, double pike, memmel turn, switch leap-ring leap, double twist, l-turn, double back (foot comes up). Music: “Diablo Rojo.” Nice leos! 13.133

They showed the Simone Biles Tide commercial! First time I’ve seen it on a broadcast. 

Stream is uncooperative. 

Seda was clean but my phone killed the write-up. Gaah! She got 13.875.

Giulia Stiengruber, Switzerland, VT: I think that first one was a Rudi. Fantastic! Second vault is a clean DTY. Average score: 14.933

Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, VT: first vault a very nice DTY. Second vault: Tsukahara full. Both nice! Her leotard is amazing. 14.158

Carlotta Ferlito, Italy, UB: no idea what she’s doing, but it’s lovely. She has nice form. Double back with half(?) dismount. 14.033

Ailen Valente, Argentina, BB: front tuck mount, Flic-LOSO (fall), switch leap, switch half (don’t think it hit 180), some kind of turn I saw out of the corner of my eye, side aerial, split, split-wolf, gainer layout dismount. 11.366

Daria Spiridonova, Russia, FX: split jump, triple twist-punch front (fall, OOB), 3.5 twist, Memmel turn, split switch half, double back, ring leap-ring leap. Shame about the fall. Missed score…ugh!

Farah Boufadene, Algeria, BB: BHS-LOSO fall, split-switch half, front aerial (balance check), side aerial, split, split-wolf, side somi (balance check), L-turn, double pike dismount with big step back. 10.600

WHY DID IT KILL THE RECAP AGAIN GAAH.  Houry Gebeshian was great! 13.266. It also killed Catalina Escobar’s BB recap, which I’m not really mad about because it was a mess.

My stream decided to sign me out and make me sign back in. Came back on Giulia Steingruber’s UB. Scored 13.900. Angelia Melnikova got a 14.933 on a vault I didn’t see.

Sends Tukhtalyan, Russia, VT: huge, gorgeous DTY. Should score well. 14.733

Vanessa Ferrari, Italy, BB: BHS-BHS-back full (fall), split leap, split leap-front aerial, switch split half, ring jump-sheep jump, double pike dismount. 

Maria Paseka, Russia, VT: first vault: no idea what it was, step OOB. Really messy form. The commentator described her leg position as “like an egg-beater”. Second vault: Amanar, quite nice. 

Catalina Escobar, Colombia, FX: Bad fall on double layout. Coaches had to carry her off the floor and it looks like she can’t continue. Really? They gave her a score? 3.700.

Carlotta Ferlito, Italy, BB: front aerial-sheep jump, BHS-BHS-LO (fall), split jump, back tuck, full turn, split-front aerial, ring leap. Double pike(?) dismount. 13.233

Kylie Rei Dickson, Belarus, FX: commentators throwin’ shade! Double back-fall, OOB. Split-split switch half, something into a layout, split jump, double l-turn, switch half, single twist. 10.766

Showing replays of Escobar’s terrifying ankle-murder fall. Poor thing. 😥

Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, UB: clean, 14.733

 Elisa Meneghini, Italy, FX: double layout, tuck full-in, whip-whip-double back, split jump, ring jump-straddle jump, double pike, straddle jump. Wow, that was a fantastic routine! 14.233

Houry Gebeshian, Armenia, VT: nice FTY. 13.916

Daria Spiridonova, Russia, UB: very nice! Everything was connected. Should be a really high score. 15.683

Kylie Rei Dickson, Belarus, VT: nice FTY. 

I heard Madame Butterfly, and now Nessun Dorma. Must be someone’s floor music-it’s not just a FS thing…

Aliya Mustafina, Russia, UB: hit! Finally. Will it match Spiridonova? Apparently so! 15.8something. 

Catalina Ponor, Romania, BB: switch ring leap, Onodi-front aerial-BHS, split-wolf jump connection, switch half, don’t even know what that was, leap-something full-3/4, full turn, double pike. Takin’ forever with this score…14.900. She seems very happy with that. 

Carlotta Ferlito, Italy, FX: split switch half, tuck full-in, double back tuck, split-split switch half, some dancing on the floor, Memmel turn, ring leap, Sissone, this is Adelina Sotnikova’s 2013 FS music, double pike. The Italians are killing it on floor today!

Giuli Steingruber, Switzerland, BB: Front aerial-split jump, switch split-side somi (balance check), front pike, BHS-LOSO, front tuck, off on switch half, full turn, gainer layout full dismount. Shame about the fall! 12.733. Eek. 

I think that’s the end of this subdivision? I’ll be back later…


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