2016 Olympics WAG Quals Subdivision 4 Live Blog

Subdivision 4 is going to be LIT. 


Team USA *Pause for patriotic squealing* with Team Netherlands *Pause for artistry appreciation because #Baethora*.

They literally could not have come up with a subdivision I would enjoy more if they had personally asked me. Hehe. 

So, warning: this will not be objective.

Gabby Douglas, USA, FX: double L-turn, 1.5 L-turn the other way, Arabian double front punch front, full-in punch front, double Memmel turn, split to switch split full, switch split full, double pike, double tuck. Well done. 

Courtney McGregor, NZL, VT: DTY. 14.4 on the second vault, which I missed.

I just posted Ariana Orrega’s beam and Sanne Wevers’ bars and now they’re gone…gaah. Both clean. Orrega: 12.733. Wevers: 14.408

Simone Biles, USA, FX: double layout full in, straddle full to split, Biles to stag, double wolf turn, double-double, split jump, tuck full in. Just Simone things…15.733

Aly Raisman, USA, FX: 1.5 twist-double Arabian-layout, split switch full, double L-Turn, piled double Arabian-stag jump, double layout, split jump, split switch full, double pike. Yaaaaaas! I’m calling it, AA silver is hers. 

Random side note: I’m very sorry that I do not know how to tell a split from a Sissone. 

Laurie Hernandez, USA, VT: stuck DTY. 

Jessica Lopez, VEN, FX: tucked full in, whip to triple twist, ring leap, split, switch split, double L-turn, double pike, triple turn, double twist. The steam died and when it came back they’d switched commentators. 12.733

Celine Van Gerner, NED, BB: Sissone, front aerial, split switch half, round off-layout, switch split half – barely stays on, split switch to straddle, front aerial, double back dismount. What a save! 13.800


Sanne Wevers, NED, BB: double L-turn, side aerial-side aerial, triple turn, L-turn to full turn, double turn, switch split to Onodi, full twisting gainer layout dismount. Lovely! Could get her into finals! 15.066. YAAAAAAAS!

Sherine Elziney, EGY, UB: fine set, DLO dismount, 14.100.

Aly Raisman, USA, VT: near-stuck amanar!!! 15.766 

Sanne Wevers submitted an inquiry, which was rejected.

Lieke Wevers, NED, FX: triple L-turn, double back, switch ring, switch split full, double attitude turn, 2.5 twist(?), switch split full, triple turn. Forever one of my favorite floor routines ❤ 13.850

Gabby Douglas, USA, UB: gorgeous routine complete with a stuck dismount. Will it be enough to pull ahead of Raisman in the AA? 15.766

Madison Kocian, USA, UB: goooo, bars bb! Foot-perfect. Bars bb is the best 🙂 15.866-uh, wow…

(Okay, just sayin’, I warned you this would not be objective.)

Eythora Thorsdottir, NED, FX: GOOOO BAETHORA! 2.5 twist-front tuck, Ring switch leap, double back, double l-turn, double turn, double Memmel turn, illusion, 2.5 twist fall (nuuuuuuuuuuu!), leap pass, illusion. Nooooo, she fell! It literally looked like she just slipped. Was it her socks?

It killed Gabby’s beam recap but it was a 14.833. 

Jessica Lopez, VEN, UB: very clean set! She looks pleased. 15.333-she looks absolutely overjoyed. 

Courtney McGregor: POTO… Pike full in, 2.5 twist to front pike, double pike, double Memmel turn, split switch to split, double back, switch split full. Nice! The great warhorses are invading gymnastics…

Netherlands has a total of 171.something. 

Laurie Hernandez, USA, BB: front pike, front aerial to split to switch split, BHS-LOSO-LOSO, double turn, sheep jump, front tuck to wolf jump, side aerial, split to switch split half, switch ring, double pike. YES! Get it, Laurie! Great shot at the beam final with that. 15.366!

Simone Biles, USA, BB: Double wolf turn, split to pike, front tuck, BHS-LOSO-LOSO, front tuck to split, split to split switch half to something, I’m missing things AHHHHHHHHH, stuck dismount! 15.663

16 for 16! Gracie Gold needs some lessons from them…

And the Netherlands are in 7th, and I’m freaking out ugh. 😥


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