Summer Competition Feelings: Skate Detroit

This weekend, skating fans got one of their first looks at the new season with Skate Detroit. One of the more prestigious club competitions, this year’s event featured many notable American and Canadian skaters and gave us a sampling of new programs. Naturally, I have feelings about this. They will be a bit random and unorganized, but here are some skaters/programs I thought were notable.

Emy Decelles 

Going into this event, I barely knew who Emy Decelles was and did not expect her to win it at all. But she surprised me: while not at the level of the Canadian Ladies Triumvirate™ of Osmond, Daleman and Chartrand, she was in impressive form here.

Emy’s FS is quite the hodgepodge of music, with about 85 songs from The Great Gatsby, and there was a but too much two-footed skating (essentially, it lacked transitions), but she landed things, and there was some fun 20’s-inspired choreo at the beginning that I liked. Also, her dress is nice. She was mostly notable, though, because she was rock-solid compared to her competition.

Mirai Nagasu 

Mirai’s performances weren’t particularly impressive at this event (totally understandable, seeing as she’s only had her programs for a few weeks), but I loved both of her programs, so she’s going on the list. Her FS was my favorite of the two:

She sure has had a lot of depressing autobiographical programs, but they are, bizarrely, her strength. Take her Demons SP, and now this: she pulls them off with conviction and maturity, and I usually like them. This was no exception. Elegant and mature, with a lot of heart; if the jumps ever get there, it’ll be straight-up breathtaking.


Nicolas Nadeau 

Space Elvis.

All has been said.

Emily Chan 

Emily Chan, our my favorite artistic headcase, headcased with her usual flair at Skate Detroit, but she has a remarkable gift for performing a program that’s gone totally haywire and drawing you in anyway. I really admire that about her, and it doesn’t hurt that her programs this year are fantastic. Though her “Je Suis Malade” SP is my favorite, I couldn’t find a video, so here’s her (also awesome) “Bohemian Rhapsody” FS:

Aurora Cotop 

The reigning Canadian novice champion really caught my eye here. Lovely interpretation, fantastic 2A-3T, gorgeous dress, very original but tasteful music choice-there’s a lot to like here. Definitely looking forward to watching her on the JGP.

Haven Denney/Brandon Frazier 

*Sobs uncontrollably*

You guys.

They’re back.

They’re the reason I started watching pairs. (Yeah, I’m a noob…lol.) And they skated clean (the 1A sequence was planned, according to Twitter), to one of my favorite soundtracks, and their artistry has improved SO MUCH, and it’s MAGICAL.

Aaaand the power just went out. Cutting it off here because no wi-fi. Sorry that was so random and short; oh well.